Anonymous asked: That one shot was awesome, thankyou very much :D

Thank you to you too!
I’m glad you enjoyed it!

04-19 / 22:47
Anonymous asked: Oh Jesus that one shot was amazing! I mean I can't express in words right now how much I liked it because I honestly can't find them right now. Either way it's written beautifully like every story you've ever posted except it was explicit and I think it made it all the more exciting! Keep up the fantastic work :)

Oh anon I adore you.
It makes me very happy to know you enjoyed it.

Much love xo

04-18 / 15:28

I’ve had over 200 views on my recently posted story and yet nobody has even bothered to leave feedback.

Wow I do not enjoy that at all.

04-18 / 13:24

Change - (NC+17) (ADULT CONTENT)

Hello loves.

Welcome to something else you can feast your eyes upon. This here contains sexual content that could be viewed as unpleasant, so please take the warning now. I’m not to blame if you proceed further and happen to dislike this literature for specific reasons.

Please remember to click the heart and always leave feedback. :)

H. x

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Note: Posting Schedule.

Remember my loves, today is the day I post another one shot, only this time it is a smutty one shot.

Yes you heard right.

I received an anon ask at the beginning of this year and I’ve finally gotten round to writing it, so here we are : Today at 6PM GMT time, it will post.

H x

04-17 / 14:01
Anonymous asked: But you know what just came to my mind? What if when a broken reader learns to love a broken character, despite his flaws, the reader gets the chance to learn to love himself instead of exercising self-hatred, as he sees that having an awful past is not his fault and does not make him less worthy of life, less lovable or a bad person. It gives the ultimate chance for self-reflection.

I really enjoy this anon, I do and I’m rather thankful you sent me this. <3

In retrospect, I think that is the goal that every human being tries to achieve. The only time we see our flaws is when comparing to another or were trying to search for another.

One of the reasons I read so much to the extent I do is so I’m given a breather from what I’ve suffered. It’s to escape realism.

We sit for ages and the only question we bring up is ‘Why would they love me?’ Then suddenly every negative thing falls into question.

What I have learned from the books that I have read, is that each author tries to prove that despite what you contain or what you have consisted off, there is every possibility that you will learn to love yourself and so will some one else.

It is and does as you say, gives you the chance to self-reflect.

04-17 / 12:16
Anonymous asked: But isn't it just natural to pick the tragic books? A story filled to the brim with flat happy-go-lucky characters will always feel fake to someone who suffered in his life and knows that happy endings aren't as common in real life as they are in the movies. Also, I believe that most stories feed from their tragic characters, as drama is an author's favourite way of giving depth to their book. A story in which the protagonist doesn't suffer is unlikely to hold a deeper meaning to a depressed rea

That was beautifully written that anon.
But yes I agree with every bit you wrote.

It is how I write and how many others write.
The reason for the posts was because yesterday, I was in a rather bad mood, so I decided to read (I was reading looking for Alaska).
Then two pages after I started reading it(where I had left it from the previous night), a character that I admired died.

Of course when it comes to it, I always admire books which contain such wonderful characters with interesting pasts but also I have that inner wish that they should have relief because that is the natural response.

But yes go you my dear anon.

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“But it’s such a beautiful book.”

Every author says while I clench said book in hands whilst wailing because every character seemingly has a shit life in every book that I read. 

04-16 / 16:46

I have come to the conclusion that it does not matter how many books I choose to read, I do not pick any which are happy.

My mum has began to think I do it purposefully but I honestly don’t.

Forever choosing depressing books. 

04-16 / 16:25
Anonymous asked: is english your first language?

Yuparoooo. :)

04-15 / 23:46