I haven’t been incredibly informative this past week or so since Veronica and I am sorry about that.

I have been taking a break (by a break I failed miserably) from writing, whilst also reading the new release from Deborah Harkness.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that I’ve gained some followers and I would to say thank you, you’re little dolls and I love you. Have nine unicorns and a donut.

Also, my laptop has been faulty so I’ve had to change to my brothers, which is why things have been a slow process.

Thirdly, I’ve just come back from a four day tournament (like legit 5 minutes ago) and I’m sorta knackered, but wanted to inform you guys.


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You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try accepting yourself and see what happens. —Louise Hay (via rainysundaysandcoffee)
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If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book. —J.K. Rowling (via keep-away-reality)
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I picked good, really good.

There’s been plenty of times within my life where I’ve faced situations where I regret not telling somebody I love them; I now sit in fear of the question, what if I don’t get a final chance to say ‘I love you’?
It isn’t about suicide, it’s just simply knowing what if I actually don’t get a chance?
Now I know the words I love you aren’t exaggerated enough but I also know there over exaggerated - that half the time people don’t go near them because they don’t understand them or because they think they don’t mean anything at all.
But in this specific case, I know every little meaning of them; I’m a very fickle person but certainly not when it comes to Katie.
Who’s your best friend? Katie.
Who do you love? Katie.
Who do you care for the most? Katie.
I know immediately and for me that is certainly saying something.
When it comes to friendships people often discuss of wonderful times between them but not many can often can say ‘hey my best friend saved me. She saves me everyday’
Because she does.
I’m a manic swing and an aggressive grenade, but some how the thought of this human makes me simmer gently.
I have had friends before whom I was certain would be of great status but when I see this girl, I think they’re nothing.
I heard when I was younger that as you grow, you take one person from your childhood with you, or maybe if you’re lucky, you can take two or three but when I think of it now, I didn’t have that person but I do now and I hope it stays that way.
People always ask, do you see your future with this boy? But nobody asks about your best friend because you know automatically they will be there.
However I want to be there in her future, and I’m certain I want to live with her through it. Each step, each fall, each climb; the whole lot, and I don’t mind one bit.

It is this beautiful girls birthday today and I know usually people don’t write such a paragraph for someone but I wanted to do so badly because, she deserves it.
I know how she feels because I’ve felt it before and as I have a little more strength than I used to, I want to prevent it so she she doesn’t fall as much as I did.
I want to say, thank you for existing because you’ve helped me exist; now I know this might mean a lot more because people often feel better knowing they helped someone else.
You’ve really really helped me Katie, and you’re such a great treasure. The one in the million, the brightest star in a sheet of darkness, the protection layer to our precious earth; all of it.

There’s also a saying when you’re with some one you love, a pile of sacrifice arises ‘I’d take a bullet for you any day’ and the truth is, I would. I’d even take five.

Happy birthday best friend, I love you xxx

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Anonymous asked:

Hiya! I just wanted to let you know that a) I love your writing a lot and b) I'm super excited for the next chapter of Variable's #4: Creature! I think it's absolutely lovely so far! Anywho, you have a good day [night???], alright?

Oh my god anon, why so lovely . Can I eat you?
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have a pile of cookies and a unicorn.


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Miranda Sings prank calls Grace, who then passes the phone onto Mamrie (x)

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Anonymous asked:

Can you give a link to all the chapters for Veronica?

If you’re on a laptop, then the link for all the chapters is in the sidebar; click Veronica and you will be taken directly to it.

But if you’re on your phone, then click here. :) Enjoy!

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Stalia checking Kira out

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I’m open to all the elements, I’m definitely ready to take anything on. But I don’t want to jump too far into the deep end.
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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I know this is kind of a lot to ask... But I was wondering if you'd be willing to put together a list of your favorite Jacksgap fanfic and favorite jacksgap fanfic writers and just in general too! If you could that'd be amazing! Thank you so much! Btw YOUR TUMBLR IS INCREDIBLE!


Yeah man no problem! I’m basically just going to list all my baes so…yeah haha

  • My girl Kate has got like 3 rad fics that I’m head over heels for istg. Check out Working In The Office, Chasely, and The Violinist. The first two are finished and The Violinist is still going (so far that one’s my favorite, ngl. it’s fucking amazing. it has this lolita vibe about it and i’m totally digging it. if you listen to music at all while you read fics, my artist recommendation for The Violinist would be Lana Del Rey. it all fits perfectly.) Kate’s just an incredible writer and person in general and she runs a kick ass blog. (Follow this girl. I’m not playin’.)
  • Beth has an on going fic called Choice Notes and it’s always got me feeling all kinds of good things. Ugh. (Atm I believe she’s on a writing break type thing so be patient, girl’s put in a lot of hard work for a long time on what’s there so far and it’s wonderful. She’s more than earned a break. She’ll be back on it soon though I’m sure.) So be sure to check hers out. (She’s sweet as pie. You’ll love her as much as I do. Go give that cutie a follow. ♥)
  • Gina, that dirty minded babe has a fantastic on going fic called The Maid and it’s full of smut and crazy good, far fetched drama and storyline content and it’s just incredible. Wow. Read iiit. God fucking bless. It’s pretty much everything I need.  She also has several other fics going as well but The Maid is I believe the only JacksGap one at the moment. (She’s incredible, not kidding. Go check out her blog, and give her a follow. You won’t regret it.)
  • Honey is the queen of drama and compelling storylines that pull you in. Her fic Veronica is one of the best fics I’ve ever read. Just read it for yourself and you’ll know what I mean. (She’s an absolute doll. She’s actually given me some writting advice and suggestions in regard to my fic that I’ve started and I’m so thankful for that. Go read her content and follow her blog. She’s wonderful. ♥) 
  • Jillian. I don’t know her really and she’s been inactive for ages, but her completed fic Don’t Let Me Fall was the first JacksGap fanfiction I ever read and to this day is one of my very favorite pieces. In fact I really want to go back and read it all over again for like the 5th time. Read it. Love it. Repeat. 
  • The little cutie over at TwinsGap has a few excellent fics so check those out, my current favorite of hers is Troubles Of Living. The story is full of complicated twists and turns and fluff and hardship. It’s such an excellent fic. 

Idk man, if I took even more time and went through my massive list of people I follow I could probably come up with more but none of them hold a flame to anything that these beautiful humans have written.

Seriously. Check all of them out. They’re excellent pieces and they all deserve massive amounts of love and recognition. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t actually believe so. 

And thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy it. ♥ xx

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